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9 February 2012 SUPPOSE YOU MEET A DINOSAUR: A FIRST BOOK OF MANNERS by Judy Sierra and Tim Bowers, ill., Knopf, January 2012, 40p., ISBN: 978-0-375-86720-0


"As prehistoric people began to react with one another, they learned to behave in ways that made life easier and more pleasant. Manners had a practical purpose."

-- from Oracle ThinkQuest, "How Etiquette Began"


"Imagine that the dinosaur

Is standing by a bathroom door.

You have to pee! She's in your way.

Quick! What's the proper thing to say?"


To promote our being kind and considerate to one another so that we habitually treat others in the manner in which we, ourselves, would like to be treated (which really does make life easier and more pleasant), we (hopefully) continue to pass these learned behaviors -- manners -- down from one generation to the next. But given the seemingly contrary lessons to which children are so often exposed these days -- such as violent cartoons and video games, reality TV shows, Fox News, and presidential debates -- I worry about whether most young children are getting necessary and sufficient lessons in behaving in a mannerly fashion.


"Commotion in the produce aisle!

The dinosaur upsets a pile

Of apples, and they roll away.

If you pick them up, what will she say?"


Given my concern about those forces that don't exactly promote good manners, and given that it is far more pleasant to learn about manners in a fun and relaxed fashion (rather than having scowling and/or embarrassed adults hovering over you, providing on-the-spot training), I was so very excited to encounter Judy Sierra's illustrative lessons in basic manners that come about in this tale by way of a young girl's chance meeting of a tyrannosaurus in the grocery store. (A very nice tyrannosaurus with a little pink purse and very nifty pink-framed glasses.)


"Out the door of the grocery store

Tromps the friendly dinosaur.

She's waving as she drives away.

I'm sure you know the words to say."

This will make one of those great audience-shout-out-the-response books for story times.


So, thank you for listening. I hope you have a lovely day.


Richie Partington, MLIS
Richie's Picks http://richiespicks.com
Moderator http://groups.yahoo.com/group/middle_school_lit/ http://slisweb.sjsu.edu/people/faculty/partingtonr/partingtonr.php


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