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26 June 2023 WHAT MY DADDY LOVES by Raissa Figueroa, HarperCollins/Clarion, May 2023, 32p., ISBN: 978-0-35-858877-1


“When times are hard I know you'll be strong

I'll be there in your heart when you'll carry on

Like moonlight on the water, and sunlight in the sky

Fathers and daughters never say goodbye”

– Michael Bolton (2015)


“It is admirable for a man to take his son fishing, but there is a special place in heaven for a father who takes his daughter shopping.”

– John Sinor, columnist (1930-1996)


“My daddy loves building with me.

My daddy loves exploring with me.

My daddy loves sitting with me.

My daddy loves creating with me.”


From “My daddy loves starting the day with me.” to “My daddy loves dreaming with me.”, WHAT MY DADDY LOVES is an illustrated bundle of father-daughter joy. Throughout her first book as both author and illustrator, Coretta Scott King Honor illustrator Raissa Figueroa depicts moments in the day of a preschool-aged daughter and her attentive, loving dad. Together, the happy pair engage in activities like fixing the car, playing the guitar, racing down a supermarket aisle (Daddy riding on the back of the shopping cart, of course), and learning to ride a two-wheeler. 


The single-sentence spreads feature bright, lively, digital illustrations that will captivate preschoolers and will kickstart great circle time discussions about what young students  have recently done with their dads (or moms).


And, hey, Dads! If you could use a refresher on the variety of activities with which you might engage your child, WHAT MY DADDY LOVES is filled with inspiration. 


Given the special place in my heart occupied by my now-grown-up daughter, this one sure made me smile. Check it out!


Richie Partington, MLIS

Richie's Picks http://richiespicks.pbworks.com





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