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12 April 2020 DON’T WORRY, LITTLE CRAB by Chris Haughton, Candlewick, April 2020, 48p., ISBN: 978-1-5362-1119-1


“I rest my resistance fall piece by piece into peace

And slip like the water back into the sea”

-- Edie Brickell, “This Eye” (1990)



‘I don’t think I like the ocean,’ says Little Crab. ‘Maybe we should go home.’

‘Don’t worry, Little Crab,’ says Very Big Crab. ‘I’m here. Come! Just a few more steps.’

Little Crab takes a step…then another...until…”


“It’s important to acknowledge your child’s worries and not to force them into situations that make them scared. Gently encourage them to be brave and try something new.

When in a new situation, give your child time to adjust and get used to it...Make sure you appear confident and outgoing yourself so your child can see how it’s done.”

-- from Pregnancy, Birth & Baby, “Helping Toddlers Manage New Situations” (2018)


Very Big Crab does a great job of employing these reassuring techniques in DON’T WORRY, LITTLE CRAB.  


Very Big Crab leads an excited Little Crab to the ocean. Once there, and faced with big waves, it feels scary to Little Crab. But Very Big Crab’s presence and encouragement leads Little Crab to be brave and thereby discover that the ocean is, in fact, a very fun experience. The story concludes with Little Crab being reluctant to leave the ocean and return home to his tidal pool. 


I love Chris Haughton’s creature characters. His style is unique and identifiable. A big part of that style involves the eyes. Take a look at his previous books--LITTLE OWL LOST; OH NO, GEORGE; SHH! WE HAVE A PLAN; and GOODNIGHT EVERYONE. Notice the expressiveness conveyed through the eyes of his characters.


Having not been the boldest little kid, I’m glad that my earliest seaside experiences were on a gentle Long Island Sound beach. The size and force of the waves along that shoreline are nothing compared to the typical pounding surf on Long Island’s Atlantic Ocean side.


As with Haughton’s previous picture books, DON’T WORRY, LITTLE CRAB will make a big splash with the preschool crowd.


Richie Partington, MLIS

Richie's Picks http://richiespicks.pbworks.com





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